Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mongolia International University -ART FESTIVAL

The Student Union organized the "Art Festival- 2012" and it went very well.
The Students show cased their many talents. All of the performances were AWESOME. The presentation was very well prepared, the musicians, dancers and singers.
There are some photos of them.
Take a look^^

Monday, November 12, 2012

Graduate School Of Tesol

The TESOL program looks to enhance students' understanding of both English and non-English-Speaking cultures through various modes of interpretation and expression. The program also gives students the opportunity to examine their own language and culture through interaction with students from other culture. Our program is design to prepare TESOL specialists for the elementary, secondary, or college levels.
Admission Requirements
Each applicant needs a minimum of 500 points on the TOEFL (PBT) in order to enroll in this program. Also, a student with an acceptable TEPS score may enroll in this program. The TEPS may be taken by a student at MIU.
Degree Requirements & Credits
The master's degree program requires:

Truman Graduate School of Public Affairs

Mongolia International University and the University of Missouri have partnered to provide a 1+1 graduate school program in public affairs. Through this program, students will have opportunities to study both in Mongolia and the U.S., developing international knowledge of public administration. Graduate students of the Truman Graduate School of Public Affairs will spend their first two semesters at MIU acquiring foundational knowledge of public administration and policy decision-making. Then students will spend three semesters at the University of Missouri to pursue in-depth studies in public affairs. Through this program, MIU seeks to raise honest and competent government leaders who can impact Mongolia and the surrounding regions.

University of Missouri
Truman School of Public Affairs
    The University of Missouri was founded in 1839 in Columbia, Mo., as the first public university west of the Mississippi River and Missouri's largest public research university. Considered one of the nation's top-tier institutions, the University of Missouri has a reputation of excellence in teaching and research.
    The Harry S Truman School of Public Affairs represented a major commitment to public affairs education, research, and public service on the Columbia campus. The School provides the MPA Program, interdisciplinary Ph.D. program, and significantly increased research, public service, and outreach activities.
    The mission of the Truman School is to advance the study and practice of governance in Missouri, the nation, and the world by conducting research, informing governance and public policy, educating for ethical leadership, preparing the next generation of scholars, and fostering democratic discourse. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


  • Founded in 2002 with the support of the Mongolian government under former President Bagabandi
  • Inaugural class of 66 students
  • Approximately 600 undergraduate students
  • Approximately 30% international students from over ten countries including Mongolia, Russia, China, South Korea, Afghanistan, and Nigeria

Sunday, September 30, 2012

About MIU

Established in 2002, Mongolia International University (MIU) is a great community of learning, committed to diversity in its student body, faculty, and staff.  At MIU, students are challenged to develop their scholarly talents and are highly encouraged to discover their personal strengths thorough the various methods of interaction with scholars, researchers, and staff. Within a decade, MIU has distinguished itself as a prominent international University providing English-speaking higher education in Central Asia. It is now a multi-cultural campus of over six hundred students from seven different countries in the world.